Weekly visit.

It’s Friday and my normal weekly visit to check on these twinkies. Usually it’s just heart tones and I get a little peak at them. The reason I see them every week this early is because I have what’s called a didelphic uterus, which is a fancy way to say my uterus is split in 2 or I have 2 uterus’. 

Being that twins is already considered a high risk pregnancy, this little anomaly has made it a bit more high risk. The babies are both within one uterus so they have less room on top of there being 2 babies to grow. 

Growing two babies in a smaller than one baby uterus makes it a lot harder on my hips, so needless to say the left hip has been my biggest issue since they’ve started growing. I was able to finally discuss it with my OB and let’s just hope everything he said & prescribed helps give some sort of relief!
It was difficult to see the babies today because one was laying pretty much right on top of the other so it was all shadows, but they’re definitely growing. I still think they look like lima beans for the most part but with arms & legs! 

Any ultrasound photo I get I send it to the adoptive parents to keep them in the loop at all times! These twinkies are theirs! Today sadly didn’t really yield any because of their position but I’ll still keep them posted of the visit. 

Well the twinkies and I had a long day and didn’t end up getting much sleep last night so time to put these patches & pain relief methods to work and hopefully get some needed rest.

Until next time,


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