Little Aliens 👽

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, so I figured I’d take the time to do so now. Friday we had the 3D ultrasound with the twinkies adoptive parents and my mom. One baby was being stubborn per usual and the other cooperated just fine. Not going to lie seeing their little faces was awkward. They look like little aliens! I feel like they have my nose & round cheeks where my mom thinks one looks like fuck face. 😑 NO. 

During the ultrasound baby A decided she wanted to show off her flexibility by having her knees in her face. I got up & walked around for a few minutes while drinking juice to get her to change positions. She did end up moving but moving to a position where she still had her face covered but this time with her hand. She’s most definitely my child being so stubborn. The parents ended up getting a package that included pictures and video of the ultrasound. They also got 2 little stuffed animals with their heart beats, they got a cute unicorn and little kitty. 

We went to lunch after the ultrasound and talked. I asked them if they had names picked out for them and rather mentioned Harper and Addison. Totally reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy characters. I like the names but it’s no Aurora & Aria. Either way these babies are theirs at the end of this thing so I’ve come to terms that whatever they name these little girls will be alright. 

It’s been nice not being in pain these past few weeks cause I’ve been able to do more but as time goes on I get bigger. Getting bigger means I’m more exhausted & out of breath! Baby B likes to wedge her self near my left lung and makes it hard to catch my breath. It’s a really odd feeling and even sight to see cause the left of my stomach gets this weird large lump, so I know that’s where she’s at! I am so ready to not be pregnant any more and I’m only 28 weeks.

Here I’ve attached a few photos from the ultrasound so you can see my little aliens for yourself! You can see where baby A was covering her face and when she finally moved it. Hopefully they come out as cute as I think they might be.

Well until next time,

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