When people find out I’m pregnant, the usual response I get is “Congratulations!” A normal response back would be to say thank you, but in my situation I don’t know how to respond. Saying “thank you” makes me feel like I’m agreeing to something I’m not wanting to be congratulated for. I never in my life wanted to be pregnant so accepting a congratulations makes me feel like I’m lying to people. I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable. I’ve been very open about my adoption process throughout this pregnancy because I’m not ashamed of what I’m doing, but I sit here and think I’ll just play along for their sake. They start to go more in depth and the lie seems to grow! So I’ve told a few people that give their congrats, a thank you and explain I’m not keeping them. These people also have a million questions, questions I don’t mind answering because I understand that not a lot of people understand or get to see first hand what the adoption process is like. 
Either way, my awkwardness aside! The girls are doing great, growing side by side at about the same pace. Doc says he’s really pleased with how they’re growing. We talked about getting me steroids shots some where when I hit 32 weeks to help with their lung development and to decrease and risk of brain damage. We haven’t spoken about how this delivery will go yet, I suppose he’s just waiting to see if they end up coming into the world on their own before deciding to schedule a c-section. I honestly have no idea which method I’d prefer, they both seem really shitty. Pushing 2 babies out of my vag or having them cut out of me…. yeaaaa. Can they just teleport out? That would be ideal. I know, I know, it isn’t possible, but a girl can dream right!? 
Here is their side by side profile at almost 29 weeks!

I’m starting to feel rather crowded with these not so little twinkies taking up all my space. They’re pushing things into places that are just not ideal! Breathing, bending over, any sort of physical activity has definitely become more difficult, but I’m still just thankful that my hips are being pleasant and not killing me day in day out. I feel like a beached whale most days, just because sitting normally makes me uncomfortable so I have to be laying down to get and relief from the pressures of these girls. 

Well until next time,


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