Is it time!?

Sorry for the long pause in between post guys, I know I’m the worst. I’ve just been lazy and have had some writers block I suppose. 

Well we had an appointment for the twinkies today, check on their fluids & heartbeat per usual. Everything looks good. We also did a non stress test to track their movements & heartbeats. Unfortunately my babies being my babies and all they weren’t having any of it. The nurses tried for a good 10 to 15 mins to try and position the sensors where the babies were but they kept moving. Finally we were able to get both babies on the monitor but when the doctor came in to look they had moved pretty much right after the nurses left. Damn twinkies! 

At my last appointment it was determined that I’m pretty anemic, which if you know me I’ve been anemic all my life. So we’re trying to get me in to see a hematologist to get an iron IV. Won’t be the first time I’ve gone through that, it sucks but oh well gotta do whatcha gotta do. Hopefully that’ll help curb my intense ice cravings!

I know every one is really anxious to know if I’ll be delivering these twinkies naturally or via c-section. I spoke to the doc and he said it all depends on the babies at this point. He normally goes for a natural delivery but if the babies positions are difficult then it’ll have to be a c-section. So here’s hoping to these twinkies being in a position for an easy and natural birth cause the thought of a c-section I think scares me more than natural…? I think.
Being 32 weeks now with these little monsters has me exhausted! I can barely walk around the grocery store without being winded every other aisle! Sleeping is the worst. Trying to find a comfortable position for what feels like this giant belly isn’t easy, they crush all my internal organs at each toss & turn. I’m completely ready for these babies to come out & meet the world and let me breathe like normal again.
I know, I know. They’re not ready but I sure as hell am! I’m ready to get on with my life and move forward from this point. I sometimes feel like the worst birth mother because I’m just so ready to move past this. I haven’t embraced this pregnancy, I haven’t embraced these twinkies so much either. They’re apart of me and I know that they’re not really going any where. They’ll always be my flesh & blood, but at the end of the day I still want to ignore that fact and pretend that this never happend. Maybe that thought will change once they’re here, maybe it won’t but what I do know clear as day is I’m definitely ready to move on. 

Well here is me at 32 weeks, definitely looking uber pregnant now. I can’t imagine how I’m going to look in 4 more weeks, assuming the babies stay in that long…. but I’m already feeling the impact of them now. 

Well until next time,

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