In less than 24 hours, two little girls will have arrived in this crazy world and changed a whole lot of lives. I carried them to term at 37 weeks.

Holy fuck. 

To say I’m freaked out is most definitely an understatement. I’m shitting bricks. I will be open, on a table, conscious of my surroundings, while two tiny humans are pulled through an opening that was cut into me. 😦 Holy shit. I’m really glad my mom will be there with me because I would not handle this situation at all without her. I was telling my mom earlier today how nervous I was about the c section and she kept me level headed about it. 
I spent part of my day today at the doctors getting my last bag of iron, so my veins hurt a bit. They poked me twice which is better than last week where I got stuck 3x! The adoption agency has been so great with helping me and preparing me about the next few days. Erin who’s been helping me is super thoughtful and really awesome about keeping me informed and making a sure I’m still feeling in control of the situation.  Tomorrrow, I’ll have to drop Luna off at the boarders and I feel terrible and relieved all at the same time. I love my Luna but she’s can be a handful and can wear me down really quick. It’s pretty much like already having a toddler. At least she’ll get some much needes attention that I haven’t been able to give her recently. I need to finish picking up my apartment for my little stint at my parents, that’ll be fun… it’ll keep me occupied before my mom and cousin pick me up and take me to the hospital.

The adoptive parents arrived in town tonight and I’ll see them more than likely after the C section tomorrow afternoon. I know they’re definitely excited for this day to have finally come! Their family will finally be complete with two brand new to the world, tiny humans. I’m glad that I’ll get to give them that. That happiness and love that they crave to share with these girls. 

I have a feeling I might not get the best sleep tonight due to the anticipation for tomorrow and overall discomfort of these 2 in my belly. The girls are actively moving while I watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and elevate my overly swollen limbs. They look terrible and feel even worse. I won’t miss that or the heartburn I’m also experiencing lol.

I really hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow so that I can soon start focusing on my future. I do want to thank everyone who has been such a huge part of this process whether friend, family, or part of the adoption process! They’ve made this process a little more bearable on my own. 
Over the next few days I’ll try and keep this blog updated to keep myself occupied and keep you guys informed of the process, photos of the girls, etc. I know a lot of you will continue to be interested! I’ll go more in depth with the process of the adoption process then I have through the earlier posts. 
Well until next time,


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