One month down. 

Holy crap! It’s been a whole month (and 3 days) since my girls were born! I sit here still thinking it’s unreal that I had 2 beautiful, healthy, little humans, and I gave them to 2 amazing humans who will love & cherish them forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better home for my girls.

The adoptive parents (J & A going forward) have been so great with keeping my mom and myself updated with the girls progress. At least once a week, we get an email with a few photos of the girls and how it’s been taking care of twins! Both girls have gotten to be over 8lbs and are starting to become more aware of the people & things around them. Seeing my girls being so well taken care of gives me this peace of mind, that what I did was 100% the best decision. 
We’ve been talking with J & A to set up a visit, so we can see the girls in August! I’m really looking forward to making that trip to hold my girls again. I’m so thankful that they have been so open with this adoption cause I know it can’t be easy for them either, knowing that they’re these girls parents and that we still want to be apart of their lives. Hopefully, my brother (who’s been over seas) will be able to go with us to meet his nieces and experience their cuteness in person! 

I’m finally getting back to myself. The emotions have settled down and now I just need to get my blood pressure under control but I’m definitely me again!

Since January I’ve been unemployed and stressed the fuck out to say the least about my financial situation. I was lucky enough that my core bills were taken care of, but now that the adoption process has ended it’s back to me to get on my own 2 feet again. I have filled out a bazillion applications and was able to get a job and I start Thursday. I’m not excited simply because the pay is significantly less than what I’m used to but I’ve also made the decision of going back to school so this job will help with that flexibility. Just hoping my bills will be covered, we shall see how that works out! I’ve also put in my application for a 2 year community college to start working towards a degree. I haven’t decided on what I want to do so General Studies is all I’m focusing on. I really just want what I have in my head to work out with school and work. This is the starting path of my promise that I mentioned before in an earlier post that I refuse to break. I want to be in a whole different place when my girls are old enough to understand the decision I made and what I did to better myself afterwards because at the end of the day this whole journey has made me grow more into myself and realize that I wanted direction in my life. I may not have my girls but I will do right by them. 
I love you to the moon and back Harper & Addison just know that I did and am doing this for us. 
Until next time! I’ll leave you with this preciousness! 


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  1. I just want to say that I am so SO proud of you, Jenika. You are a strong, amazing woman! You made the best decision for you & those sweet babies & you have ALWAYS been in control of your destiny, regardless of how tough the journey has been. I graduated with my AA in General Studies this past spring & even tho I didn’t walk, it is certainly something to be proud of! The world is yours & even tho I’ve only met you once in my life, I am totally rooting for you!! PS: You look fucking AMAAAZING! I envy that body after TWINS! Holy crap!! I can’t get mine right and my little just graduated Pre-K! Haha. Seriously girl, I’m ranting at this point, but I’m so proud of you & so glad we crossed paths that one hot sunny day in Austin. ❤


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