Where has the time gone?

I am a birth mother of 10-month old twin girls.  Holy moly, where has the time gone. I have been so lucky to have chosen such amazing people to parent my girls. They have allowed me to be in the girls’ lives and have kept me so well informed of their progress! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better couple.

As we pass the 10-month mark, the girls have really started to develop so much and show their boisterous personalities. Addison is my logical side. She takes her time and analyzes everything and everyone before she comes to a conclusion of either happiness or well not so happy! Harper, this girl is the happiest of babies. All smiles all the time! Addison is definitely the bigger of the two girls and Harper is more active than her sister.

Harper 10 months                                                                         Addison 10 months

image1 (5)image2 (3)

I turned 29 this past January and the only real thing I wanted was to see my girls for my birthday. Although the weather was terrible, the location of my party was changed at the absolute last minute, J and A are an amazing couple who made that happen! They drove up from Houston to have lunch and entertain my friends & family with the girls. I was also lucky that my best friend had a photographer come to take photos of us.

I couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone who was there for me when the girls were born, were there to see the girls for my birthday. I loved every moment that I got to spend just holding, smelling, and watching the girls interact. So much love is being given to them that it fills my heart with so much Joy. I feel so lucky.

People still ask if I would do it differently, they ask have I regretted it or if I could, would I want my girls back and my answer never changes. No. I know I still did the right thing by all of us. I talk about resentment a lot and was reminded as silly as this sounds, by Grey’s Anatomy how much resentment can harm someone and I promised myself that I would never make anyone feel that. especially my girls.

Trying to grow from this situation has probably been one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done. The love I see pour of J and A is a constant reminder that I did something good. I made the right choice.

Our next visit is set up for us to go down to Houston to see their girls around their first birthday since it lands in the middle of the week. I have a hard time processing still that they are so close to 1 year.


IMG_1421 AddisonIMG_1343




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